Now Accepting Bitcoin

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With festival season in full bloom Third Eye Sunglasses are taking off, once more. The stylish glasses were made famous by the artist Prince and have since been a favorite accessory with those who like alternative styles. In order to keep with the modern trends, Shiva, the company behind the glasses has just announced that it will be accepting crypto currencies and alternative payment methods in the future.

“We have people from all over the world who love our glasses because they are forward-thinking,” says spokesperson James. “We embrace out of the box styles and thoughts, which is why we knew that expanding our payment methods would also be important. We’re helping to reach out to the future and promote new ways of doing things.”

The popularity of the glasses stems from their being both fashion forward and symbolic. The glasses were designed to focus attention on what gurus and shamans have called the “doorway to enlightenment” or the “palace of the soul”. The glasses come in 3 different colors: Blue, Black, Pink, Red, Green, Purple, Mirror and as always with a lens cleaner and cloth case.

“Everything is set up to our customers convenience,” says James. “At checkout they will be presented with the option to use Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple.”

Their Third Eye Glasses can be purchased Exclusively through their website or their Amazon store. They ship same day and offer free 3 day shipping within the USA. Make sure you're buying from @ThirdEyeSunglasses

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