Third Eye Sunglasses by Shivas were recently invited to take a behind-the-scenes peek at the Empire episode dedicated to the musical artist known as Prince.

Chicago,IL 8/25/2017

Empire is one of the top rated dramas on television today. The program reaches millions of viewers for its drama and hard-hitting episodes. The program was also a favorite of the musical artist Prince, something that prompted the producers of the program to pay homage to after his death. The first episode of the fourth season of Empire was dedicated to the artist as a very special “Prince themed” program.  In order to get the authentic feel of the rock star and R&B artist, the company reached out to Third Eye Sunglasses, asking that they provide them with a pair for the episode. Third Eye Sunglasses by Shivas have been a hit on the festival scene since their launch. The glasses gained in popularity after being worn by the musical artist, Prince and have come to be associated as one of his more popular looks.

“When we were called about getting a purple pair of our glasses we were shocked and excited,” says owner Kourtney Wagner. “We didn’t have any in stock and had to rush to get a pair out to the set. I personally was able to fly the glasses out to Chicago and get a peek at the behind the scenes of the episode’s making. We are humbled to be associated with an artist of his renown and want to thank Empire and the late great Prince for that.”

The original “Third Eye Sunglasses” by Shivas are sold primarily online and through specialty shops. The company is glad to be associated with Prince’s iconic looks and enjoys having people inquire about the musician. Glasses range from pink to purple in color and retail around $25.00.

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