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Shivas’ “Third Eye Sunglasses” were first made popular when worn by Prince, and have become a much sought after brand. The company is now announcing its affiliation with New Eyes, a charity program that supplies glasses for those in need.

Las Vegas,NV – 1/13/2016 – Since being seen on the artist Prince Third Eye Sunglasses have seen a surge in popularity thanks to being associated with one of the last photographs of the artist.  The sunglass maker, Shivas, set out not just to make a fashion statement but a philosophical one with their glasses.  In keeping with that philosophy the company is now donating a portion of their sales to New Eyes, a global charity that helps to deliver eyeglasses to those who cannot afford them.

“We are a company that has a philosophy on life about interconnectedness,” says Mr.Wagner. “When you tell people to open their third eye and embrace their spiritual nature and then you only capitalize on that plea without really feeling it yourself, the whole process is wrong.  We’re proud to work with New Eyes and in the process open people’s true eye.”

The fashionable sunglasses are perfect for both festival wear and just making a personal statement.  They are round lenses that reminisce to an era of human culture that was highly focused on spirituality, and with the added “third eye” wearers are not only showing off their third eye but protecting it.

Third Eye Sunglasses retail at $35 dollars and come with a carrying pouch that also acts as a cleansing cloth. Shivas Brand Only!

It only makes since purchase Third Eye Sunglasses from

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