The Third Eye

Posted by Kourtney Wagner on

The existence of the Third Eye has been acknowledged by all major religions, both ancient and modern. It was considered the spiritual center of the body, where the soul resided. In ancient times priests and gurus would meditate on the spot in order to tap into otherworldly connections. This tradition of meditation has continued on to today. Gurus and shamans teach us to focus on our eye in order to access the ethereal realm. The Third Eye is that doorway to enlightenment, where we are able to see past the physical plane and into those realms of truth.

Today, we know that the Third Eye is the home of the pineal gland. It is located directly between and slightly above eyes. This gland has been studied by scientists and researchers such as Rick Strassman who believe it is a key to out of body experiences and accessing different dimensions. Strassman believes that this as an area of the body largely untapped, only becoming active through meditation or psychedelic substances. He believes that it is possible to activate the gland and experience something similar to our dream realms. It is a delicate gland that has affected by the foods we eat Even minimal use of Fluoride can harden the gland, so it is important to protect this area.

Often we forget that we are more than what we see, that we are vast, limitless beings who are capable of so much growth and potential. Tapping into that Universal potential through our Third Eye can help us not only to connect to the spirit residing within us but also those around us.

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